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Managing Director
Face of Mankind /Factions / American Enterprises
American Enterprises was originally founded by Jason Abernathy in 2009 as a private security enterprise based out of New York in the United States. It was originally a sole proprietorship that dealt in private security solutions and investigations. The Abernathy family made up of politicians and “creative businessmen” who dealt more illegal international arms trades. It was rumored that the Abernathy family had ties to almost every major successful rebellion at the time, supplying rebels or nation states with weaponry.

As years passed and the year 2020 arrived Gregory Abernathy was elected to the seat of President of the United States but maintained his seat of CEO of American Enterprises. During this time American Enterprises was used very much as the military of the United States. This was in part due to the budget of the Department of Defense being reduced substantially, leaving the Coast Guard as the only equipped branch of the country's defense. During this time, the American Enterprise Security Force was deployed to perform humanitarian efforts and policing in Central and South America to combat the ever increasing drug trade. Unknowingly to most during this time the Security Force was also kidnapping scientists in South America involved in the drug trade.

As the victory was declared on the “War on Drugs”, Gregory Abernathy solidified his power in the United States and therefore American Enterprises by eventually disbanding the United States Department of Defense. This came to the applause of many in the United States as the view of a military in the modern era was unnecessary. In turn, this allowed Security Companies to bid on contracts such as coastal patrols and deployment. These contracts would be put up for sale by the United States Ministry of Security which was founded in the stead of the Department of Defense.

This in turn led to American Enterprise buying out most of its competitors in the United States through backdoor deals and death threats. Overtime there were only three major competitors for the security contracts: American Enterprises, Modern Security Solutions, and Tactical Incorporated. One thing that American Enterprises had up its sleeve though was that it provided its “Security Officers” with “boosters” developed by the scientists kidnapped in South America. With AE Security Officers having increased reflexes and awareness due to drugs they were soon the only company hired by the United States Ministry of Security and the other companies had to depart overseas or merge with American Enterprise. By the year 2029 American Enterprises was very much the “Military” of the United States.

As decades passed American Enterprises slowly grew and became too large for the Abernathy family to run alone. Te American Enterprises established their Board of Directors in the year 2034, by this time American Enterprises had a North America and South America division. However, Abernathy family members always maintained 51% of the shares in the corporation thus solidifying the family’s power grip in the business. Gregory Abernathy maintained his seat of Presidency by spinning a campaign of fear that the European Union would invade the United States at any moment and only American Enterprises could save the country. This in turn allowed the United States and the countries of South America to form the nation of America.