Welcome and thank you for your interest in Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion!

We would like to formally invite you to join in our Open Beta, which will begin on..

Friday April 18th, 2014!

In this phase, we will be able to finalize bug squashing and major systems balancing for a large scale population!

If you wish to participate but you do not have an account, please use the "Register" button to create one. Alternatively, if you have an account but do not remember the password, please click the "Reset Password" button below.

You may download the game client using the button above and go ahead install the prerequisite files. Once Open Beta is live, you will be able to log in, and enjoy this final phase of testing!

Thank you again, for your interest in helping to make Face of Mankind: Fall of the Dominion a fun and exciting game! :)


The Face of Mankind Management Team